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Conveyors suitable for multi-purpose uses in any environment.

Implementing workflows to make productivity increase

We offer all kinds of industrial conveyors and conveyor systems, depending upon your needs, including: gravity conveyors; belt conveyors; motorised roller conveyors, pallet conveyors (for use with either British or Euro pallets); and package conveyors.

Altegra Integrated Solutions has a large variety of conveyors ranging from small gravity conveyor systems to fully automated, expertly programmed powered systems, making Altegra your perfect conveyor system partner.

Popular Options

  • Belt conveyors
  • Gravity conveyors
  • Flexible conveyors
  • Vehicle loading/unloading conveyors
  • Powered roller conveyors
  • Magnetic conveyors
  • Conveyor rollers
  • Plastic modular slat conveyors

Our conveyors are supplied in modular section; flexibility in design ensures ease of installation, which allow future extension to any system.

Partitioning Systems are great for making small offices

Automated, gravity and manual conveyors

We can integrate control panels to incorporate barcode scanning, to enable you to manage stock control whilst in use. We can handle the whole project including the design, manufacture, delivery and installation making Altegra a cost effective solution.

Inclined overhead belts

Drum drive belts

Gravity conveyors with Steel Rollers

Mobile belts

Loading & Unloading conveyors

Magnetic conveyors

Learn how our partitioning systems can transform your working environment


Altegra takes the hassle out of managing multiple suppliers

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