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Red diesel ban coming

Forklifts will no longer be able to use red diesel from 1st April 2022

The subsidy on red diesel used in forklift trucks will no longer apply

From 1st April 2022, the subsidy on red diesel used in forklift trucks will no longer apply, which in return makes using diesel forklifts far more expensive to operate and less competitive than electric equivalents.

Back in 2019, the United Kingdom's Government set out its plans to cease its contributions. to climate change setting the goal to become carbon neutral by 2050.

Red diesel (otherwise known gas oil or cherry red) is regular white diesel that's used solely in off-road machinery and engines (mostly used in agricultural, marine and consutrction sectors).

Red diesel is just ordinary 'white' diesel with a dye in it - but is taxed at a much lower rate than white diesel. This rebated red fuel was introduced. asa concession for certain industrial users in off-highway applications because fuel duty was mainly intended to be a tax on road vehicles

The government has published guidelines that specify who can still use red diesel and in which applications.

In order to stay compliant, it will. be essential to run down your existing stock of red diesel before the 1t of April 2022. In most cases, that doesn't mean you must remove every trace by flushing your tanks. However, you will need to prove that you haven't purchased any red diesel after the April 2022 deadline, or stockpiled close to this date.

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