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CCTV & Monitoring Systems

CCTV security systems available for commercial, industrial and residential areas.

Commercial CCTV systems

We offer a varied selection of solutions such as vandal resistant mini domes, wireless Wi-Fi cameras, day/night bullet cameras with varifocal, autofocus lenses to ensure your property is safe at all times.

We supply and install monitors and recording equipment so you can view your property at the touch of a button. These systems are easy to use, reducing training time whilst also being compatible with mobile devices to use on the go.

  • Constant Protection – security cameras provide 24/7 coverage of your business premises
  • Reduce Risk – CCTV acts as a deterrent meaning less chance of break-ins and vandalism
  • Protect Staff – lone workers have the extra protection needed when on site alone
  • Health and Safety – CCTV cameras can provide evidence of incidents on-site, including cause
  • Time Management – security cameras can be to verify staff timekeeping
  • 24/7 coverage and protection
  • Stops any potential risk of any threat towards your premise
  • Saves your business money on insurance
Dome Camera

Types of CCTV monitoring systems

Dome Camera

Discreet Surveillance: Dome cameras are inconspicuous, making them ideal for locations where a low-profile design is essential.

360-Degree Coverage: Their dome shape allows for a wide field of view, providing comprehensive coverage without blind spots.

Vandal Resistance: Many dome cameras are designed to be vandal-resistant, making them durable and suitable for areas where tampering may occur.

Bullet Camera

Long-Range Viewing: Bullet cameras are designed for long-distance viewing, making them suitable for monitoring large areas or perimeters.

Night Vision: Equipped with infrared capabilities, bullet cameras ensure clear footage even in low-light or nighttime conditions.

Weather Resistance: Their cylindrical and weatherproof design makes them resilient against varying weather conditions.

Turret Camera

Versatile Adjustment: Turret cameras offer flexibility in adjusting viewing angles, allowing for precise surveillance of specific areas.

Glare Resistance: The turret design minimizes glare, making these cameras suitable for locations with challenging lighting conditions.

Indoor and Outdoor Use: Turret cameras are versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors, providing adaptability in various settings.

Pan Tilt and Zoom

Dynamic Surveillance: PTZ cameras can pan, tilt, and zoom, providing dynamic surveillance coverage over a wide area.

Remote Control: Users can remotely control PTZ cameras, allowing them to track and respond to events in real-time.

Focus on Details: The zoom function enables capturing detailed images or focusing on specific points of interest.


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