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Reach trucks

Reach New Heights of Efficiency: Explore Our Reach Truck Solutions

Relaxed, comfortable and safe work throughout the whole shift guaranteed by the holistic ergonomics concept on our Reach Trucks. Footplate, steering wheel, seat – all these components can be individually adjusted to match the work requirement at hand as well as the stature and preferences of the driver. Our reach trucks are compact and efficient. This does not only allow opportunity charging at any time – it is also fast: 50 % of the battery is chargeable in only 30 minutes. Many other details, such as the optional tilting seat and the exclusive side shift, for example, make an ideal organiser in any warehouse – from operating high racks to long distance haul or replenishment.

Features and benefits

  • Active Load Stabilisation: deal with the next goods transport while others would still be waiting for the mast to stop vibrating.
  • Fast charge: 50% of the battery is chargeable in only 30 minutes.
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Top-level precision


The FM-X is always more than just a fork ahead of the rest. Thanks to Active Load Stabilisation (ALS) you can deal with the next goods transport while others would still be waiting for the mast to stop vibrating.

  • Load Capacity 2500 kg
  • Rated lift 1300mm

Driver Seated Reach Truck with Superelastic Tyres


Loads weighing up to two tonnes are quickly and reliably transported to the desired location by the FM-X SE at a maximum speed of 14 km/h. Once there, it lifts them to a height of up to eight metres.

  • Load Capacity 2000 kg
  • Rated lift 8000mm

Fully functional in all directions


The FM‑4W is a powerful and energy-efficient four-way reach truck. It transports loads forwards, backwards and sideways. This makes this universal truck particularly well suited for transporting long items (in addition to normal pallets and containers). 

  • Load Capacity 2500 kg
  • Rated lift 9650mm

CESAB R112, R114 and R116 Reach Truck

  • Load Capacity 1200-1600kg
  • Rated lift 7000 - 8500mm
  • 10 km/h
Cesab R200-1

CESAB R212, R214 and R216 Reach Truck

  • Load Capacity 1200 -1600 kg
  • Rated lift 6000- 8500mm
  • 11.2 km/h

CESAB R314 , RE316, R318, R320 and R325 Reach Trucks

  • Load Capacity 1400 - 2500 kg
  • Rated lift 11000 - 13000 mm
  • 11 km/h

Reach out for perfect comfort

Reach trucks are versatile forklifts specially designed to navigate narrow aisles and reach high shelves, making them the perfect solution for facilities with limited floor space and high-density storage. The distinguishing feature of a reach truck is its ability to extend the forks and lift pallets to high levels. Unlike other types of forklifts, which lift the load straight up, reach trucks are equipped with a telescoping mast that can extend the forks and the load forward, allowing it to reach heights of up to 13 metres. Reach trucks are also known for their manoeuvrability, designed to turn in tight spaces, which makes them ideal for use in warehouses with limited floor space. We offer a Reach Truck with super elastic tyres with the FM-X SE for both indoor and outdoor use.


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