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Cesab P013i Pallet Truck only £1,950 ex VAT

Order Pickers

Efficiency and Precision Combined: Discover Our Order Picker Solution

Order picking is labour intensive, our range of order pickers maximise efficiencies to allow the operator to do their job as safely, efficiency and as easily as possible. Our LO order picker moulds the truck's behaviour to your operator and operations for consistently easier, steadier and safer performance. It's top of its class for performance and more efficient than its arrivals. Our High Level order picker provides excellent visibility through its pro-vision mast amongst other excellent safety features.

Features and benefits

  • Powerful drive motor: Provides excellent traction and adjustable acceleration
  • Advanced electric steering: Precise control at speed, automatic speed reduction in curves
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Order Pickers

Low energy consumption, greater productivity

Order pickers are an essential tool for businesses needing to fulfil customer orders quickly and efficiently. These versatile forklifts are designed to help operators quickly and safely pick items from shelves, making them ideal for use in warehouses, distribution centres, and other storage facilities.

We stock the popular  STILL OPX series. These order pickers are designed with the operator in mind, providing a comfortable and intuitive workspace that helps to maximise productivity. The OPX series also features an adjustable steering wheel and adjustable control console, allowing operators to customise the vehicle to their preferred working position. With their energy-efficient motors, the OPX series helps to reduce operating costs while maintaining excellent performance. A particular innovation in this field is STILL iGo Neo Semi-Automated Low Level Order Picker.

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