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Hire agreements

Flexible forklift and commercial equipment hire agreements

Flexible hire agreements with a reliable independent forklift dealer

At Altegra we understand that your materials handling requirements can change throughout the year.

One-off lift requirements or seasonal demand, can mean that you need additional equipment for a short period. Altegra offer a number of options for your short-term rental needs including daily, weekly, monthly or annual hire.

Modern businesses need efficient logistics and here at Altegra, we pride ourselves on offering a vast range of material handling equipment o meet those needs, for virtually every industrial and commercial sector.

Rental prices vary depending on machine specification and the length of contract you choose.

With our large and varied stock profile, we will be your one stop shop for all of your materials handling requirements whether you operate 1 electric pallet truck, or a large mixed fleet.

Most businesses experience peaks in activity or exceptional events that demand extra materials handling equipment for relatively short periods of time. Our casual hire allows companies to source the right forklift trucks at very short notice.If you’ve had an unexpected order or coming up to seasonal peak demand and need extra lift trucks fast, Altegra offers a number of options for your short-term hire needs including daily, weekly, monthly or annual hire.

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Types of materials handling hire agreements

Fixed-term hire agreements

Typically, a long-term hire agreement with Altegra starts from 5 years onwards and includes a magnitude of service and maintenance packages ontop of the package.

Long-term hire (also known as contract hire or fixed-term hire) is a type of hire agreement where a business pays to use a specified machine for a contracted time period and where all maintenance is subsidised for and ensures that your machine is constantly complying with legal legislation.

Casual hire agreements to suit any type of business

Altegra offer causal hire agreements which allows businesses to hire any type of forklift and have it any time-period that is not contracted.

If you decide to use a forklift (or any other machine) for long periods of time, we would always advise to take a long-term hire agreement out, however having a casual hire agreements gives your company the flexibility to use and return the machine whenever you wanted.



Equipment you can trust!

Altegra holds a IPAF Rental+ Certification that is awarded to members of rental companies who have passed a stringent audit to achieve higher than average standards in service, safety, staff training, contract terms and machine inspection.

The IPAF standard looks at the following range of criteria:
  • All staff are trained to a recognised level and booking procedures are in place to ensure the customer receives the correct advice.
  • Cross-hired machines are provided by companies who have the IPAF Rental + standard.
  • All Access machinery is fully Maintained and PDI checks are completed prior to hire.
  • For machinery delivered and collected, a full hand over is completed and the machine is demonstrated to ensure the user is familiar with its controls.
  • IPAF Rental + also verifies that a company has processes and policies in place for dealing with issues such as customer satisfaction, insurance and health and safety.

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