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Financing your purchase

We have a range of finance options to make your purchase go smoothly.

Financing your forklift

Explore flexible solutions to acquire the material handling equipment you need for your business.

If you're not considering outright purchase then we have a selection of flexible financial options  structured to meet your business needs.

We can tailor finance options for you based on either contract hire, lease purchase/hire purchase (HP) or outright purchase.

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Types of materials handling finance agreements

Pay for your forklift in one simple transaction

By paying the full amount at the point of purchase, the machine is yours from that point forward. 

Spread over a fixed, pre-agreed period, you can pay for the forklift in monthly instalments

Subject to credit approval, you would pay a small deposit between 10 and 20% and pay for the machine over an agreed term with a fixed rate of interest. 

Under this arrangement the upkeep, servicing and maintenance of the machine during the hire purchase period is your responsibility. Find out more about our servicing and maintenance options here.

A solution that covers all maintenance, servicing and repairs

Using a fixed term agreement for hiring a new or used forklift is often thought of as the most cost effective finance solution. Contract Hire offers the benefits of all inclusive, fixed cost with low administration over a term of usually 3-5 years.  Your will then pay a monthly rental rate which includes all of your maintenance, service and repair.

At the end of the term you can either give the machine back, or take out a new contract hire agreement for similar or upgrade to another type of forklift.


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