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COVID-19: The next Steps

Helping businesses adapt during difficult times.

To all of our business partners, customers, suppliers, contractors and followers; we appreciate this is a fluid situation where guidance is being updated daily and welcome your support as we strive to maintain a business as usual approach.

With the recent announcements and news of the latest variant of the COVID-19 disease, there will be many questions on how we, Altegra, will deal with our services which we provide for everyone.

First and foremost, we want to assure everyone that we will continue to operate to the highest standards at both of our business centres (Cradley Heath Business Centre and Lopen Business Centre) whilst maintaining the optimum level of service both on-site, or working remotely.

We are committed to consistently delivering the best service for both employees and customers in a unified collaborative effort to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome, where we create a positive environment in which energy and enthusiasm are matched by opportunity and ambition.

You can be assured knowing that we will offer complete support as we collectively navigate this difficult period.

During normal working hours, on Monday to Friday (8am till 5pm), full-service call cover will be provided and is available on both of our Business Centre landlines.

In the event of any emergency and breakdown, we have a dedicated team which remains fully operational to support your businesses needs.

With our service engineers, we are supported in taking a zero-contact approach when visiting customer sites, which means:

• Our engineers will announce their arrival to the appropriate person(s) on-site, but will not sign in
• Our engineers will not request a signature for their tablets, instead they will take a verbal name and authorisation for job completion
• Our engineers will not ask for or accept any substance such as food or drink
• Our engineers will greet you verbally rather than shake hands
• Our engineers will bare social distancing measures when arriving, working and leaving sites

As a business, we understand that the early part of this brand new year will be a struggle for many of us, however, trust Altegra to keep your business moving during these difficult times.



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