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Pramac Pallet Trucks, Electric Pallet Trucks & Hand Pallet Trucks

Pramac Pallet Trucks, Electric Pallet Trucks & Hand Pallet Trucks

Hand Pallet Trucks

in a wide variety of capacity, frame size, material and configurations to meet all possible needs and applications.
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Scale Pallet Trucks

Lifter by Pramac’s scale trucks are equipped with a functional and precise weighing device with several operating options, suitable for lifting heavy loads

Scissor Lifts

The HX10 series, available in manual and electric versions, makes it possible to easily lift loads up to 800 mm, thus becoming a practical and versatile workbench. Designed to simplify the operator's work processes, it prevents fatigue thanks to ergonomics and in particular protects the health of the back. The version with weighing system is the novelty that enriches the range, designed with a view to reducing efforts and increasing efficiency in everyday work.

Agile Pallet Truck

The first innovative motorized pallet truck with two motor wheels for better stability and traction. Compact, light, simple, easy to use as a hand pallet truck, it is the convenient solution that can be used across any site to make your job easier, combining electric and manual function for convenient usability.
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Electric Pallet Trucks

The electric pallet truck range are innovative, compact and reliable models offering the correct level level of duty level to carry loads from 1,2 up to 2,0 tons on short, medium and long distance.

Need higher quantities?

No matter how large your requirements, we are able to supply large quantities of Pramac Lifter equipment with a fast turnaround.

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