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Cross-integrated solutions with Altegra

The complete business solution

Altegra combines the benefits and experience of a number of individual areas of business expertise all held under one brand. We provide nationwide coverage for all of our products and services.

What makes us unique is our ability to integrate all elements of the ideal solution into a bespoke package, designed exactly around your specific needs.

Different racking systems and warehouse layouts require different materials handling equipment, ideally matched to provide optimum use of space. A mezzanine floor may benefit from a bespoke conveyor system to maximise throughput.

Our specialist advisors have the expertise to analyse your application and to recommend the best solution for your business.

By combining all of your needs into one package, we offer cost effective proposals (especially when compared to ordering everything separately) and you can be assured that our solution

The complete business solution

As we move forward through the year, we have been making significant progress with integration across the business. The release and sharing of information, something that simply wasn't happening before has enabled us to progress and go forward as one.

Integration will give our customers a true one-stop-shop experience. A much easier way for them to transact with our company and establish an enhanced quality of delivery. Benefits for our customers, for our business, and a more powerful proposition to those who haven't yet experienced us yet.

Whether it's the building infrastructure such as racking systems, mezzanine floors, access solutions, materials handling equipment or the products needed to perform business operations, we can help.

We'll give you free, expert advice and help in choosing the right solution. By integrating our product offering into one complete package, we can save costs and also simplify the process whilst maximising the benefits of handling multiple suppliers.

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Altegra takes the hassle out of managing multiple suppliers

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