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Mezzanine Floors

Easy to extend and fully demountable mezzanine flooring.

Bespoke and Tailored mezzanine floors suitable for all warehouses and structures

We know that you want to grow your business.

A mezzanine floor is a perfect solution to get more storage space or a larger workplace. Mezzanine floors take maximum advantage of the height of the premises, doubling or tripling the surface area and enabling it to be fitted out as a storage area, offices, and more.

Mezzanine floors are demountable and re-usable, and their structure, dimensions and location are easily modified.

Why choose Altegra?

  • Multiplies surface space in industrial premises
  • They can be complemented with a variety of shelving systems
  • Lifts, pallet gates, and conveyors can be easily added
  • Better ROI than purchasing or renting additional premises when work-space becomes tight
  • Adaptable to meet your specific needs, thanks to the great variety of sizes available, types of floors, construction systems and office areas

Need a mezzanine floor for your building? Let's talk!

A mezzanine floor is a free standing steel structure

Mezzanine floors are Ideal for adding additional floor space to your existing workplace, it's a cost effective solution that is individually designed to meet your needs. As well as providing mezzanine floors, we can also help you with the initial designs, project management and installation.

Add additional floor space

easy to extend and fully demountable

Individually designed to meet your needs

Learn how we can provide multiple surface space in industrial premises


Altegra takes the hassle out of managing multiple suppliers

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