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Altegra offers pallet racking and storage solutions for most environments.

Secure pallet racking for commercial environments

In logistics systems based on height, there is a risk that staff will be injured by goods that fall down or are accidentally knocked down rom a pallet rack.

We are able to offer advice with layout designs, project management and installation.

Our experience in supplying all types of forklift trucks ensures your storage solution will work effectively ‘from Day One’

Racking safety is enhanced by anti-collapse mesh/netting, column guards and collision barriers as well as many accessories to suit all sorts of loads stored.


Pallet racking comes in a wide range of different formats, so choosing the right system for your commercial environment is crucial and depends upon the items you are storing and your commercials goals.

Selecting a bespoke solution that meets your exact requirements is essential in making significant improvements to your business.

There are many benefits to using a racking system because it can help with utilising valuable floor space, building height and volume your storage facility can be maximised to its full potential. By choosing the right racking system for your requirements, you can reduce your risk of damage to stock, maintain flexibility when storing a variety of products, manage stock control and rotate stock as required.

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Altegra takes the hassle out of managing multiple suppliers

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