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Premium Sanitiser Station

Position at the entrance to a store, adjacent to the basket stations or near to till points, to keep your customers and staff safe. The multipurpose Cleaning Station includes a refillable hand sanitising bottle, disposable gloves, a paper towel station and provision for a sanitising spray bottles, so basket or trolley handles can be cleaned prior to use. Staff can also use the unit to clean counter tops and till points as well as canteens and staff rest areas.

Keep customers and staff safe using well positioned Premium Sanitising Stations within stores. Enable your customers to clean baskets and trolleys and keep their hands sanitised using the mounted hand sanitiser dispenser, and disposable glove dispenser box. Trolleys or baskets can be cleaned using surface cleaner and paper towel shelving and waste bin for disposing of used paper and gloves.

Position the Multipurpose Cleaning Station in office areas and keep your employees safe. As well as a refillable sanitiser bottle and glove dispenser, the unit has paper towel station and area for sanitiser spray for cleaning desks and work areas. The unit is also ideal for canteens, kitchen, refreshment areas and meeting facilities enabling employees to access sanitising facilities when they need them.

Our Multipurpose Cleaning Station is ideal for classrooms, staff rest areas and canteens. It features a replaceable sanitising bottle, gloves for helping reduce transmission of infections and a paper towel station, which will allow tables, trays and frequently touched surfaces to be regularly disinfected. Ensure your educational settings are safe and sanitised learning areas

  • Comes with A4 updatable poster frame and two shelf areas to brand or communicate messaging.
  • Frame colour comes in white as standard, custom colours available on request (POA).
  • Can be supplied with hand sanitiser and disposable glove stock if required.
  • Option to modify your station design layout on request (POA).
  • Approximate dimensions: overall height 1400mm, width 460mm and depth 390mm.

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