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Racking Inspections

Undertaking regular racking inspections are essential to minimise the number of accidents caused by damaged and unsafe racking installations. In doing so you will also be complying with your health and safety obligations as an employer, as it is considered "best practice" that racking inspections are carried out annually and by a technically qualified person.

It is not uncommon for a business to assume that after having racking installed, it will last until it is hit with a Forklift Truck or damaged via other means. This is not the case and it is therefore essential that it is checked regularly for general wear and tear or damage. Over time, moving pallets, altering the configuration and day-to-day knocks and bumps, can cause changes in the maximum capacity of racking which may lead to further instability if continuously overloaded.

Even with adequate racking protection, as racking ages, nuts, bolts, pins and floor fixings may become come loose which will affect the stability and effectiveness of the racking framework. Ineffective racking greatly increases the risk of the unit collapsing or worse, serious injury of nearby personnel. Injuries can be reduced dramatically with regular inspections.

Lift West's SEMA approved rack inspectors have been trained to identify early signs of wear, tear and damage which will help eliminate and reduce the cost of remedial work needed in the future. Upon completion of the inspection, the Lift West Group inspector will provide you with a comprehensive report which offers professional advice and any issues found that require your attention.

The main benefits of using an Lift West approved inspector:

  • Inspector is trained and assessed to SEMA’s high standards
  • Generation of an independent report upon completion
  • Identification of Severe, Moderate and Low Risks
  • Safety Recommendations & Professional Advice.

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